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Our Whistler Hotel

Driving Directions to Aava Whistler Hotel

The drive from Vancouver to Whistler is regarded as one of the most beautiful and inspiring stretches of highway in the word. Recent highway upgrades make it a pleasure to drive. Explore it for yourself.

Whistler Hotel Location

  1. Take Highway 99/1 west to Horseshoe Bay.
  2. At Horseshoe Bay, head north up Highway 99, also known as "The Sea to Sky Highway." Horseshoe Bay to Squamish is approximately 40 minutes.
  3. Continue on Highway 99 north from Squamish to Whistler BC, which is a 45 minute drive. This road is a mountain highway and is subject to weather and other conditions at times. Check current highway weather conditions online OR tune in to Mountain FM as you drive up (in Squamish tune to 107.1FM and in Whistler tune to 102.1FM).
  4. Once you reach Whistler Village, turn right heading to Village Gate Boulevard. This is the fifth set of traffic lights from Function Junction at the south end of Whistler. (Function Junction to Village Gate Boulevard is approximately 15 minutes).
  5. At the next lights, turn right to Whistler Way. Follow Whistler Way around to the right until you reach the Aava Whistler Hotel on your right at 4005 Whistler Way, just past the Whistler Golf Club.

To Get To Whistler From Seattle

Seattle to Whistler is about a 5 hour drive. The drive from Seattle to Vancouver is about 176 kilometres (100 miles) and takes a bout 3 hours; it depends on delays at the Douglas Border Crossing (US-Canada border). The Vancouver to Whistler drive makes up the final 2 hours. 2 routes are available.

Quick Route: avoids the city & follows major highways

  1. Take Exit 275 off I-5 before arriving at the Douglas Border Crossing
  2. Follow the Pacific Highway (known as 176th Street or Hwy 15) through Surrey
  3. Follow the Pacific Highway over the Cloverdale Bypass to Hwy 1 (Trans Canada Highway)
  4. Exit onto Hwy 1 traveling west
  5. Follow the Hwy 1 out of Surrey and over the Port-Mann Bridge
  6. Hwy 1 passes Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, and East Vancouver
  7. Follow Hwy 1 over the Second Narrows Bridge through North & West Vancouver
  8. Take Exit 2 (just before the ferry terminal) right onto Hwy 99 ( Sea to Sky Highway)
  9. Follow Hwy 99 through Squamish and onto Whistler

Scenic Route: follows major streets through Vancouver

  1. Once past the Douglas Border crossing I-5 becomes Highway 99
  2. Follow Hwy 99 north through the Massey Tunnel and over the Oak Street Bridge
  3. Hwy 99 becomes Oak Street after crossing the Oak Street Bridge
  4. The cross streets will be numbered in descending order from 73rd Avenue down (you are still heading north)
  5. Turn left at 41st Avenue & Oak Street and travel west until Granville
  6. Turn right and head north on Granville Street
  7. Cross the Granville Street Bridge and shift to the far right lane
  8. Take the Seymour Street exit from the Granville Street Bridge
  9. Follow Seymour Street north until Georgia Street
  10. Turn left onto Georgia Street
  11. Georgia Street takes you through our lovely downtown core heading west, through Stanley Park and over the majestic Lions Gate bridge
  12. Exit the bridge on the Marine Drive West turnoff
  13. Shift to the far right lane once on Marine Drive
  14. Take the first right onto Taylor Way
  15. Travel up the hill and turn left onto Highway 1
  16. Follow the signs and take Exit 2 (just before the ferry terminal) to Whistler Hwy 99