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101 Things You Should Know About Colour
101 Things You Should Know About Colour

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101 Things You Should Know About Colour - Nov 17, 2013

Date:Sunday, November 17, 2013
Time:9AM - 4PM
Where:Millennium Place

Painting with AdultsThe Whistler Arts Council will be hosting a 2 day class on the use of colour theory and practical techniques in painting on November 16 & 17. The class takes place at Millennium Place and will be hosted by Chili Thom a Whistler based painter skilled in acrylics, saturated colours and capture motion.

Anyone looking to advance their painting skills particularly in the basics of colour mixing, saturation tricks, fixing colours and colour pairings will find this course extremely helpful. The course is open to anyone 16+ and takes place from 9AM to 4PM on November 16 & 17. Tickets for the course run $155 and can be purchased online at the Whistler Arts Council website.

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