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Whistler Longboard Festival
Whistler Longboard Festival

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

2013 Whistler Longboard Festival - Day 2 - Jul 05, 2013

Date:Friday, July 05, 2013
Where:Whistler Sliding Centre

Every summer Whistler welcome's some of the best longboarders in the world for the Whistler Longboard Festival. This 4 day festival takes place from July 4 - 7 and features events throughout Whistler.

Day 2 - July 5

International Downhill Federation's Canadian World Cup

The main event the Downhill Federation's World Cup attracts racers from all over the world looking to claim one of the sport's most prestigious titles. All of the downhill longboard events take place at the Whistler Sliding Centre where racers have to navigate down a 1.6km road that drops over 1000 vertical feet. This vicious course features seven 180 degree hairpin turns and 12 corners.

Riders will be reaching break neck speeds while racing in groups of 4 people at a time. Think of this sport as a mix of Formula 1 racing meets snowboard boardercross. Sometimes it's not the fastest person down the hill but the person who avoids the carnage that can take out a whole heat.

Friday, July 5 is the official kick off day of the downhill event. From 9AM to 4PM boarders will begin qualifying for spots for the finals on Sunday, July 6. This is your first chance to get out their and watch the riders compete in heats. Spectators are welcome to come out and watch the riders on the course. There will also be food stands and a beer gardens set up at the Sliding Centre.

Skate Jam at the Whistler Skate Park

The Whistler Skate Park will be hosting a Skate Jam from 4PM to 8PM. Skaters are encouraged to come out and join in on the skate jam any time during the event.

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