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Whistler Longboard Festival
Whistler Longboard Festival

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Whistler Longboard Festival - Day 4 - Jul 07, 2013

Date:Sunday, July 07, 2013
Where:Whistler Olympic Park - Callaghan Valley

Every summer Whistler welcome's some of the best longboarders in the world for the Whistler Longboard Festival. This 4 day festival takes place from July 4 - 7 and features events throughout Whistler.

The final day of the Whistler Longboard Festival takes place at Whistler Olympic Park. There are two events on docket for day 4 including the Skate + Shoot and the Enduro event. These events are open to the public and are meant to be a fun time for skaters of all levels.

Please note that Whistler Olympic Park is located in the Callaghan Valley approximately a 15 minute drive away from the village.

Day 4 - July 7

10KM Skate + Shoot "Biathlon"

The Skate + Shoot event is essentially a mix of biathlon and endurance skating. Armed with a regulation .22 caliber target rifle competitors will loop a 5KM race track at Whistler Olympic Park twice. During each lap competitors must stop at a firing range twice and shoot at 5 targets. For every target missed the racer must skate an extra 150 meter penalty lap.

20KM Enduro "Push" Race + Team Rally

The 20KM Enduro Push Race is open to the public and only requires a board and helmet to compete. Competitors can choose to do the race solo or race as a team. The objective of the race is simple, complete 4 laps of the 5KM race track at Whistler Olympic Park as quickly as possible. There is over $2000 in cash and prizes up for grabs for the Enduro and Skate + Shoot so grab some buddies and get out and skate. For more information on how to register for these events visit the Whistler Longboard Festival website.

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