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Whistler Disc Golf Course
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Whistler Disc Golf Course

Whistler Disc GolfSummer has just begun and there's no better way to get out and cease the summer day than grabbing your friends and family and checking out the Whistler Disc Golf Course. Check out some information below on this fun and FREE way to spend a day in Whistler.

Affordable Fun

Looking for something fun to do in Whistler that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, well look no further then the Whistler Disk Golf Course. For those who have never heard of disk it's essentially a hybrid of frisbee tossing and golf. Players start each hole on a tee-box then toss their disk to the post or the net that serves as the hole in the distance. Just as in golf each hole is assigned a different par according to difficulty and distance.

The Difference Between A Frisbee and a Disc for Golf

You can play with a 'regular' frisbee. However the proper device most players use is a disk, a smaller more durable type frisbee. The advantage of a disk over a beach frisbee is the ability for players to throw the disk farther and survive the rough and tumble trek the disk goes through each game.

If you are in need of a golf disk they can be found for around $10 to $15 at most of the local sports stores throughout Whistler including Source for Sports and Katmando Bike Shop.

Whistler Disc Golf Course logoThe Whistler Disc Golf Course is free to the public and runs on a first come first serve basis. The only thing you need to do hop over to the first-tee and off you go.

Some Disc Golf Etiquette

For those who have never played there are a few common courtesy rules that must be followed: if you notice a smaller or faster group waiting for you always be sure to let them play through and always take whatever garbage you make with you.

There are garbage/recycling bins along the way so be sure to leave the course as you found it.

Getting To the Disc Golf Course

If disk golf sounds like something you'd like to try or you'd like to check out the course for the first time then here's some directions to get there. The best place to enter the disk golf course through and park if your driving is the Spruce Grove Baseball field.

An important note for those people driving do not park in the near by Riverside Camp Grounds as anyone without a parking permit will be towed. The best place is to park at the baseball fields and walk about 10 minutes to the course. Because getting to the course can be difficult to explain to those unfamiliar with the area below is a google map indication the best route to take from the baseball fields. Make sure to print off a copy of the map or better yet any one with a smart phone and Google maps be sure to type in, "whistler disk golf course" and follow the trails until you reach the course.

Tee-off & Enjoy

Remember disc golf is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The course consists of 27 different holes and you choose how many of those you'd like to play. Come and go whenever you please there is no limit on when you can play or how many times. Be aware however that the land in which the course is on can be rocky and unpredictable. It is advised that players wear a sturdy shoe not flip flops as the conditions you play on with be similar to that of a hiking trail. It take's around 2 hours to play 18 holes and another hour or so if you want to go for the whole 27 so be sure to pack some food and beverages (alcohol is allowed) providing you clean up as go.

And most important of all have fun! There's not to many better ways than to enjoy a nice free evening out in Whistler than the local disk golf course. So grab a group of friends or your family and head out and enjoy the beautiful Whistler outdoors with your disk in hand.

Here's a short Video of a player enjoying the Whistler course

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