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Whistler Film Festival Line-Up
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Whistler Film Festival Line-Up

Whistler Film Festival Screening

Whistler Film Festival

The Whistler Film Festival has just announced the line-up for their 2013 event. This year's festival features 84 films from 14 countries, selected from over 700 submissions. The festival runs over five days from December 4 - 8 at four different theatre venues throughout Whistler.

The goal of the Whistler Film Festival is to bring together the best from the Canadian film industry while highlighting amazing features from the International film community. This year's festival has an array of films to choose from including big budget feature length films to film shorts and several documentaries.

2013 WFF Highlights

With over 84 films and shorts to choose from figuring out what films to see is sure to be a challenge. If you only have a time to catch a few films at this year's festival we strongly suggest you catch one of these three amazing films. Each film is helmed by a Canadian director and all of them are already receiving early Oscar buzz going into awards season. Check out our three pick below.

Denis Villeneuve’s: PRISONERS

Prisoners tells the story of parent’s worst nightmare: the disappearance of two children playing outside during a two-family get-together. When a distraught father, played by Hugh Jackman, decides to take justice into his own hands by kidnapping and torturing the key suspect, who also happens to be mentally handicapped, the film goes off in a complex direction that makes us question the moral choices to which desperation can drive us. Lots of Oscar buzz for career-best performances by Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Melissa Leo who underplays and steals every scene she’s in playing the mother of the key suspect.

Jean Marc Vallee’s: DALLAS BUYERS CLUB

Matthew McConaughey plays true-life Texas good ol’ boy Ron Woodroof, a sexually promiscuous man who contracts the HIV virus. Somewhat homophobic, he takes great offense when doctors enquire about his personal sexual preferences. Given only a few months to live, Woodroof decides to fight back against the American medical and pharmaceutical system. He refuses the only approved treatments of the time-rightfully noting that the medicines were making him feel worse. He begins importing drug treatments that have not been approved in the US from other jurisdictions. McConaughey lost 38 pounds for this Oscar worthy portrayal of Woodroof. Jared Leto as a transgendered AIDS sufferer also gives an astonishing and touching performance.

Atom Egoyan: DEVIL’S KNOT

This film is adapted from the true story when three children were discovered brutally murdered in the town of West Memphis, Arkansas, it doesn’t take the local authorities very long to finger three goth-style teens as the perpetrators. Eliciting quick confessions from the terrified youths leads to expedited guilty charges, despite an almost complete lack of evidence. Egoyan is less interested in the personalities of the three accused, than in the process of how a town grieves and its need to scapegoat outsiders (a theme he explored at length in the Oscar-nominated THE SWEET HEREAFTER). An unsettling film that you will not soon forget.

More Info

For more information on the festival head on over to the Whistler Film Festival website. A full schedule and pricing information is available at the website. Check out the complete list of films screening at this year's Whistler Film Festival below.

Aboriginal Shortwork Life's A Breeze
Afterparty Louis CYR, The Strongest Man Alive
Amazonia 3D Meth Head
The Animal Project Misfire: The Rise and Fall of the Shooting Gallery
Best Man Down Odd Thomas
Caligula Patch Town
Cas & Dylan Prisoners
Cheap Thrills Jingle Bell Rocks!
Cinco De Mayo: The Battle Jimmy P: Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian
The Crash Reel Life's A Breeze
Dallas Buyers Club The Ridge (Pura Vida)
Dark Blood Savaged
Devil's Knot Sex After Kids
Down Here Shortwork One
Empire of Dirt Shortwork Showcase
Filthy Gorgeous: The Bob Guccione Story Shortwork Three
Finding Mr. Right Shortwork Two
Gabrielle Siddharth
The Grand Seduction Sklmnti
Hi-Ho Mistahey! The Station
The Husband Student Shortwork
Ice Soldiers Three Night Stand
If I Had Wings Uvanga
  The Wait

*Movie descriptions courtesy of Whistler Film Festival website

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Photo Credit Movie Screening: Mike Crane

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