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When in Whistler Watch the Newest from TW Snow
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When in Whistler — Watch the Newest film from TransWorld

A new film called "When in Whistler" by Transworld Snowboarding will get you in the proper spirit of the season whether you ski or board. Get up here and get moving!

Catch the New Mini-Movie "When in Whistler" 

When In Whistler  Copy

We were pretty stoked to see the brand new mini-movie that TW Snowboard dropped a couple days ago. The full compilation of the episodes filmed here, it's a great send up for this coming season and all the antics we're going to get up to. Whether you ski or snowboard, it's full of all the high alpine grooviness that we love this time of year. A great reminder that when it's a bit damp in the Village, all you need to do is take the gondola to the top and keep on going into the alpine. It's dry and gorgeous and steep up there.

Top Snowboarders Show the Way

This film is short but lots of fun. Top boarders jump and spin and hit air, of course, but the terrain is a huge part of this movie.

Take a gander, and see if it doesn't whet your appetite for this season.

We dare you to watch and not book a room with us for the holiday.

Parks and Urban Represented, Too

Sure enough, there are some great park scenes as well as a gnarly, fun looking bridge included in the video. But what got us really excited was all that great powdery snow. It's that time of year again, folks. And with snow, snow, snow in the forecast for the next week (or so), we're ready to shred with you.

Thanks to the Olliepop Films Crew for giving us this excellent reminder of how cool it is to live and work and play in Whistler. We hope you're going to be able to join us soon to partake in our loveliness.

Check out the entire (mini) movie and let us know what you think!

Posted by on Thursday, December 18, 2014