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Weddings in Whistler
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Weddings in Whistler

Whistler Weddings

Whistler Weddings & Engagements - 2014 Edition

Whistler has become a destination for hip couples to get engaged and then get hitched. Weddings vary from absolute extravagance to simply unusual -- Whistler seems to be a place that attracts people who want to push the boundaries in more ways than one. 

Recently, for example, Jared Lekkas proposed to his longtime girlfriend Sofie Obermüller using an ingenious mix of skills. Organizing a flash mob in Whistler Village, including the sound, film crew and organizing the string of half truths and outright stories he had to tell his girlfriend to keep it a surprise. Whistler is a small town, and word about the flash mob got out, to the point where hundreds of people were present in the Village Square to witness the event. Happily, Sophie was none the wiser, and it was a wonderful happy surprise for her.

And We Had Our Own Surprise Ceremony...

A few days ago, when two of our guests had a surprise pop-up ceremony in our Ascent Room! Super adorable and super "Aava" We love it & hope there are a few more this season. Bring it on!

Historically, Whistler Has Had Some Pretty Cool Proposals

Get it? Cool? Anyway....Perhaps the most famous was when Seal proposed to Heidi Klum in 2005. The ceremony included a helicopter ride into town, an igloo made-to-order on top of a glacier, at 14,000 feet. Wow.

Whistler Blackcomb Proposal

And more recently, an adorable snowboard couple made history by videoing their proposal on top of "Heaven" 7th Heaven, actually, on Blackcomb Mountain. Steve proposed to his girlfriend, Tara, of seven years on February 22nd, 2012, after snowboarding down a run on Blackcomb together. She was completely surprised, never expecting her "best friend" to chose that moment to propose. The video and images captured by friends are adorable, and great inspiration for anyone looking to make their engagement special.

Ready To Propose?

z Aava ReservationsWe'd love to help if we can! And make sure to book a room with us to make your proposal that much more special. We love proposals, engagements, anything romantic. 

Contact us today to help you make your romance sparkle just that much more.



Posted by on Wednesday, March 26, 2014