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Whistler Arts Council Highlights
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Whistler Arts Council Highlights

Spring 2014 Performance Series and Film Series 

Whistler Millennium Place

This spring, the Whistler Arts Council has worked hard to bring an excellent film and presentation series to Whistler. A combination of performance, art films and singing from now until the end of May will add to the incredible festival lineup

The Weißwasser City Choir

First up, this weekend, the Weißwasser City Choir. the choir stops in Whistler on its tour of western Canada. The choir is originally from Germany, and a prat of the reason for their tour is to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of Canada.

Though the World Ski and Snowboard Festival is still raging this weekend (There is a pull to write "winding down", but that's not really applicable in the case of WSSF), if you can find the time to visit Millennium Place, taking in the Stadtchor Weißwasser (Weißwasser City Choir) on April 20 is a great idea. We're quite lucky to have them here and the concert is free, as part of the choir's Canadian tour. You'll be able to hear German and international folk music as well as madrigals, opera choruses, and melodies from musicals and operetta.

North of the Sun

Whistler Film North Of The SunNext up is "North of the Sun", a film directed by Inge Wegge.

Inge Wegge (25) and Jorn Ranum (22) traveled to northern Norway in the winter, built a cabin out of cast-off materials and driftwood. They ate only cast-off food from stores in the area, and spent 9 months in the isolated and uninhabited bay of a remote, arctic island by the coast facing nothing but the vast Atlantic Ocean.

The reason for this insanity is awe inspiring:

To surf. This area of the world has some of the best surfing in the world.

Pete the Cat

Whistler Performance Pete The Cat

Changing it up a bit, the next event presented by the Whistler Arts Council sees Eric Litwin, the award-winning singer, songwriter and musician and popular performer as he entertains children and families through bringing children's books alive on stage. He does this with a little help from Pete the Cat.

Eric Litwin is a professional children's singer and songwriter who has won two awards for his work so far. He is joined by James Dean, whose art and illustrations have helped Pete the Cat come alive for over 10 years.


Whistler Film In Real Life

Last, Whistler Arts Council brings us a documentary that highlights the outcomes of allowing our children (and ourselves) to spend so much time on the Internet. InRealLife is a 90-minute look into this world of 24/7 connectivity.

Filmmaker Beeban Kidron follows teenagers and quietly shows that, instead of delivering on the promise of a free and open connectivity, we are now ensnared in a commercial world from which we cannot escape.

Posted by on Wednesday, April 16, 2014