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Feeling Competitive? 3 Upcoming Races To Test Your Grit
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Feeling Competitive? 3 Upcoming Races To Test Your Grit

Get Your Race On This June

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Get ready, get set & race. If you've been wanting to take an active vacation, now is the time. Whistler is always hopping with activities, but we noticed that over the next couple of weeks 3 quite intense races will be taking place in Whistler, just in time for solstice. Beginning this Sunday, you'll have the chance to participate in (or watch) a series of three races in Whistler.  

Comfortably Numb

This Sunday, we'll be on the Comfortably Numb mountain bike trail for 25 kilometres along one of the most beautiful trails in British Columbia. 

If you enjoy cross country running, you'll love this race. Trail running at its best -- sweeping views, a sweet bridge, a few descents, a few uphills all along the Whistler Valley.

Take in the serenity this Father's Day weekend before the solstice ratchets things up a few notches with the Tough Mudder and Test Your Soul.

Tough Mudder

Solstice, the longest day of the year. Tough Mudder, the longest day of your life. Why not combine them and really test your mettle? Organizers are expecting this race to sell out over the next 2 to 3 days, so if you really do want to compete, you'll have to register soon.

This race brings together a group of people who eat grit for breakfast (And we're not talking about hot corn cereal here.) They'll spend the day on an Olympic sized course pursuing an Olympic sized dream of endurance and "obstacles".

You think you know what obstacles are? Tough Mudder will teach you the meaning of obstacles you love to hate. With names like "Ladder to Hell" or "Trench Warfare" or "Balls to the Wall", these obstacles aint pretty. And only 78% of those who enter a Tough Mudder competition even finish, so you know this is a serious race.

Test Your Soul

12 straight hours of downhill. Are you ready for this one? To celebrate the longest day of the year, Whistler Blackcomb is testing your soul. Can you keep riding for 12 hours? There are several categories including teams of 4, with entrance fees varying from $75 for solo riders to $250 per team. Each team needs to be mixed male and female. There will be four trails, with each successful lap counting toward the overall accumulation of laps throughout the day. 

Taking It All In

Even if you aren't able to compete in these races, Whistler will be hopping with athletes and their supporters. The vibe will be kept high, for sure, and you'll be soaking up all that delicious energy that'll be floating around the Village as competitors test what they're made of and find the meaning of true grit.

Posted by on Wednesday, June 11, 2014