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Where to watch IRONMAN Whistler
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Where to watch IRONMAN Whistler

Ironman Biker

Ironman Whistler makes its return to Whistler this Sunday, July 27. This elite endurance race combines three different disciplines as athletes must compete in a swimming, biking and running portion. It takes athletes months of training to ready the body for this extreme test of endurance, strength and heart.

When athletes arrive in Whistler this weekend they will be ready to compete in Canada's crown jewel event IRONMAN Whistler. The event serves as one of the many qualifying stages for the year end event the IRONMAN® World Championships. Fifty spots are available for the world's, awarded to the top finishers in several categories.

The Race Course

In total the course totals 226 Kilometers. The course breaks down into the following segments. Athletes start the day off in the water where they must swim two laps of Alta lake at 3.8KM. Once out of the water they transition to their road bike. From here athletes make their way northward to the Callaghan Valley where they will loop back and head northward towards the town of Pemberton. Athletes will complete a loop of the Pemberton Meadows then head back to Whistler. The bike portion of the event is 180 kilometers long. Once athletes arrive back in Whistler they will transition to foot and complete a 42 Kilometer running portion. The running portion involves athletes completing a lap of the Whistler Valley Trail system before they cross the finish line at the Whistler Olympic Plaza.

Where to Watch

There are several places to watch the IRONMAN® race however race officials have published a brochure labeling the best places to watch each event.

Swimming | The best viewing place for the swimming portion is at Rainbow Park located at Alta Lake. This area will serve as the start, finish and transition area for the swimming portion. There will be designated spectator areas at Rainbow Park providing you great views of the exciting transition from swimming gear to biking gear.

Best time to watch: 7AM to 9AM

Biking | The biggest gathering area for spectators is Village Gate Blvd. This is a side street off Highway 99 where the athletes must complete a quick loop before they head back onto Highway 99 towards Pemberton. The area has been created for easy spectator viewing and attracts hundreds of rambunctious supporters.

Best time to watch: 8:30AM to 12PM

Running | The best place to catch the running action is at the Blackcomb Way finish line. This is where the athletes will be making their final push to the end. The place will be packed with spectators cheering them on as they come in. The first finishers are expected to roll in around 3PM. You can also catch the running event at various points along the Valley Trail as long as you are off the trail.

Best time to watch 3PM to 6PM

Ironman Runner

Photo Credit: Biker | Dave Steers, Runner | Mike Crane

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