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Justin Trudeau's Whistler Snowboard Days
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Justin Trudeau's Whistler Snowboard Days

Justin Trudeau

Now he's an astute leader and communicator. Leader of the Liberal Party and father to three adorable kids.

But back in the late 90s, he taught snowboarding to hundreds of squirrelly kids as he made his way through teaching college at the University of British Columbia. Making Whistler his home on weekends, Trudeau drove a beat up Mercedes that the crew at the snowboard school dubbed the "staff car". Couch surfing was the norm, fast food the luxury food, and Kraft Dinner the back up for leaner times.

Sound familiar?

If you've ever been young, independent, and wanting to ski or snowboard, it might be. 

It's nice to know that the eldest son of Pierre Trudeau and the new Prime Minister was once a young snowboarding instructor at Whistler Blackcomb.

As Robin Van Gyn, pro snowboarder, noted in Transworld Snowboarding, "The most important part of JT being elected is that we, as a country, have come together to say we want change.”

And what could be more of a change from Stephen Harper than 40-something Justin Trudeau? 

Aside from all his leadership skills and experience in politics, Justin as a snowboarding instructor was known for his "chaotic style" according to Sean Smillie, who taught with him at the time and remembers fondly the instructor taking on the most rambunctious kids. 

Riding a long board and tearing up the runs every weekend was his thing. He was there to ride and ride hard, and "was one of the most dangerous people in the world to snowboard behind!" according to Smilile.

Justin Trudeau's carefree lifestyle ended in 1998 when his younger brother Michel died tragically when he was swept into Kokanee Lake that winter. He soon became an advocate and fundraiser for avalanche awareness but never lost his deep affinity for British Columbia mountains and lifestyle.

Photo Credit: Justin Trudeau's Facebook Page

Posted by on Thursday, November 19, 2015