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Whistler Snow Report Fall 2015
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Whistler is On — Watch First Fresh Tracks of the Season Now!

Whistler's Had 50 Years of Going Beyond

And they just keep going strong. This year, as usual, Whistler Blackcomb has set an opening date of November 26th, to coincide with American Thanksgiving.

Whistler Fresh Tracks - Paul MorrisonWe couldn't have predicted this better. On November 3rd, to celebrate that the mountain had already received a whopping 35 cms of fresh snow, Whistler Blackcomb took a helicopter up to get some fresh tracks and whet our appetites for the season to come.

Fresh Tracks & Fresh Pow

Mike Douglas and Robin Van Gyn's smiles were huge as the crew descended along the back of Blackcomb mountain, carving the first tracks out of pristine snow.

On November 3rd.

Now, no one is saying that this season is going to be more epic than usual, and no one can say that Whistler Blackcomb will open early.

However. We'd like to mention again that this is the 50th anniversary of Whistler skiing. And we'd like to offer it up that Whistler Village has held serious celebrations honouring Ullr for decades. 

Obviously, it would be absolutely insane to think that Ullr holds Whistler in any kind of honourable place, or that Whistler Blackcomb has curried favour of the alpine ski gods. You just can't say that.

And yet...

It goes without saying that each year, Whistler Blackcomb exceeds its own expectations and offers a season to visitors and locals alike that takes what can happen on a ski hill and multiplies that exponentially.

Don't Believe Us, Though — Watch the Video:

Take a look at what Whistler Blackcomb has put together for your viewing enjoyment. 

Golden Anniversary Savings

There's still time to take advantage of huge winter savings, too. There's Whistler Blackcomb's 50th anniversary as well as the Resort Municipality's 40th anniversary this year. With that much going on, plus rumours of an epic season of snow in our alpine, we're looking forward to seeing you — sooner rather than later.

Check out our long list of winter savings, and make your reservations before November 15th to take full advantage of our winter savings.

Of course, we've got lots more in store this season. Pair up a trip to Aava with a session at Scandinave Spa, for example. Or a Zip Trek tour...

Whatever Your Choice, We'll See You Soon

Just make sure to make your winter plans fast! It looks like Ullr is smiling on Whistler this year, which means you're going to want to make your plans fast before deals dry up and everyone is scrambling to get up here and shred.



Posted by on Thursday, November 05, 2015