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Whistler Pride 2016 Highlights
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2016 Whistler WinterPRIDE Preview

It's time to start counting down to Whistler PRIDE 2016 — Hard to believe, but we're a month away from this signature Whistler event.

WinterPRIDE 2015

Aava Whistler is proud to be the Host Hotel again this year, and as a TAG approved hotel, we're committed to giving you the best experience possible during Whistler Pride.

Whistler Pride is a madcap ride over 8 days and nights with over 3,000 guests from over 26 countries. You can expect over 65 events to choose from over that time, on top of all the skiing and riding you'll be doing.

So how can you conquer Whistler Pride and get the best experience possible year after year?

1. Let Aava be Your Perfect Host

Seriously. We're the Host Hotel for Whistler Pride for a reason: We love this event and we know this event. 

We're the epicentre for Whistler Pride. Things happen both at our hotel as well as our (new!) eating establishment CABN. When you stay with us, you stay right in the hub of the action, allowing us to help provide the best experience possible for your stay.

Whistler Pride can be hectic — but it doesn't have to be. There are events going on from morning to the wee hours, but what that means is that there is something for everyone. You don't have to attend everything. God knows, you'd probably keel over if you tried. What you can do, however, is attend all the events that speak to you, that whisper to you, that call you. Perhaps this year, that means lots of skiing and not so much late-night partying. Or, for you, staying out till the early hours but sleeping in and grabbing brunch is the best way to experience PRIDE. Ask our staff and let us help you shape a Whistler Pride experience that'll be wholly, perfectly you.

2. It's Not Too Late to Think About 2017

A great way to allow these 8 days and nights to be fun and only fun is to plan ahead. If you know you want to go in 2017 (and of course you do!) then take advantage of the equal payment plan and sign on for 2017. You have to plan ahead for this (of course) so it's too late for 2016, but this option allows for sensible monthly payments made over up to 10 months. 

This way, when Whistler Pride 2017 rolls around, you're entire experience has been paid for already, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride.

3. Plan, Plan, Plan

You can just show up to Aava on January 23rd and start the party. And you'll have a blast, we guarantee it — But. But we suggest you take a few minutes to think about your experience and plan a bit for how you'll get here, what you may want to do both before and after, and also to learn a bit about Whistler and what you can expect. Especially if you've never visited us before.

Gay Whistler has a great page dedicated to planning your trip, and it includes things like learning about tipping in Whistler, how to take advantage of the current awesome exchange rate between the American and Canadian dollar, as well as ways to travel here. Take a look and begin to plan your trip early!

4. Watch & Learn

This short video highlights the best from 2016 and gives just a taste of what you can expect from Whistler Pride. Of course, there is no way to really know what to expect without experiencing it first hand, but this short, two-minute compilation will give you an idea of what Whistler Pride is all about:

5. #WhistlerPRIDE

Get social and use the hashtag "#WhistlerPride" to learn what's going on and to get excited for Whistler PRIDE 2016! The posts are already streaming in at Gay Whistler, so join the party and get ready for some action in January!

Posted by on Tuesday, December 29, 2015