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El Nino Snow in Whistler 2015.6
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Did Someone Say Snow? 115 (more) Inches & Counting!

Whistler Snow 2015.6

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Back in the early fall we scrambled to find enough historic data about El Nino to soothe our troubled souls and convince ourselves that we would have some snow this season.

It's the 50th anniversary of downhill skiing this year in Whistler, after all.

Well, it looks like we're in for quite a season. With an early opening, tons of powder, 20 inches today and up to 115 more inches over the next seven days, well, we're pretty excited for what looks like one heck of Christmas for anyone who loves snow.

We're not saying that weather forecasting is an inexact science, but at the same time, honestly — who in the world could have predicted an early season this good in British Columbia? Our province collectively has got the best snow in North America and much of it is here in Whistler.

There is no way we could have ever foretold that story back in September. We certainly hope at this point you've got your Edge Card if you plan to partake in downhill sports this season. If not, though, there are tons of great opportunities to get up here and play in the snow. With the 50th anniversary celebrations happening, combined with the 40th anniversary of the Resort Municipality of Whistler, there are more ways than you can begin to imagine to come and play in Whistler this season.

And That 50th Anniversary? Just Keeps Giving

A new video showcasing professional snowboarder, husband and father David Carrier Porcheron reminds us why we love winter here — the vibe is chill but hopping with good stuff all day long.

Hopping on your board, heading out into the great powdery beyond, who knows what you'll find?

And if you're not up for downhill, there's so much more to offer here that keeps families active, friendships blooming, and you sitting tight with being you at your best. 

Whistler in the winter months, covered in snow, can be about a chilled out afternoon at the spa — quiet bliss. Or it can be raucous drinks and fun at the GLC. Whatever the choice you make, Whistler is there to answer your most human needs. Connection to yourself, your friends and family, nature. 

We hope you join us this season and celebrate with us. It's on.

Posted by on Thursday, December 03, 2015