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Whistler Bike Park Open Early
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Whistler Bike Park Open Early — Are the Rumours True?

Whistler Bike Park

Brian Finestone Heard a Rumour Recently...

Brian Finestone, the bestselling author and manager of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, hears all kinds of things on the chairlifts. Including, apparently, rumours about when the Whistler Bike Park might be opening.

Now, it hasn't been the most powder-filled winter on record, that's for sure. But could the Whistler Bike Park open for the upcoming World Ski and Snowboard Festival? Rumour has it...

In a recent blog post, Finestone recalls riding up the chairlift with a self-proclaimed Mountain Bike Park Expert. Man, this guy probably has egg on his face (how old is that expression?).

Now, as we've all noticed, there's lots of snow in the alpine this year, but not so much nearer to the village. So, I mean really, how much work does it take to get ready for bike season anyway? If there's no snow on the ground, all you've got to do is switch over the signs or whatever and voila! Instant bike park.

What does that Finestone guy do all day, anyway? Those bike parks practically run themselves. Okay, whoever that guy is, he certainly didn't go that far. Still...

No, The Whistler Bike Park Won't Open for WSSF

Sadly, you can't just "bing, bam, boom" switch a couple signs, change uniforms or whatever, and have an instant bike park. There's work to do. As Finestone explains over on the Whistler Bike Park blog,

"The rainfall we received has done some fairly significant damage to the trails and we are asking riders to give us the time to do necessary repairs and avoid pushing up and riding."

Posted by on Thursday, March 12, 2015