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Whistler Events Spring 2015
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Whistler Events Spring 2015

a.ka. If You Can Read This Blog Post and Not Feel Pure Joy, Then You Are Made of Ice

WSSF Concert

It's Springtime in Whistler, People!

And you know what that means: Time to ski in the morning, mountain bike in the afternoon. And don't forget to GoPro the entire thing with one of our guest GoPro cameras.

Okay, Yeah, We Cribbed the Headline From a Generator

One not affiliated with Upworthy in any way, too. But come on, if you can think about spring in Whistler without feeling utter perfect joy, then you must be made of ice.

It's the season that starts off with this weekend's Showcase Showdown, Canada's longest running snowboard competition. Follow that up with TEDActive week long Truth and Dare event, and your head will be spinning so hard you'll easily forget why winter was so epic and you'll find the transition to spring that much more pleasant.

The pleasantness continues, but of the no-sleep variety. The World Ski and Snowboard Festival is coming in April. You'll party in April, Sleep in May.

Or so they advertise. But that's because they are in no way affiliated (oh, wait, yes they are...) with the folks bringing you the GO Fest, which takes place in May. So sleep in June.

Mountain Biking, Hiking, Ziplining and Bungee Jumping

What? Yes, it's true you can go bungee jumping in winter, and we dare you to do it. But come springtime, you not only can go bungee jumping, but you won't be seriously questioning your decision making abilities when you do (This in no way is meant as an actual opinion on those who bungee jump in winter. We do not want to be on your bad side.).

Spring is when the sun comes out and hiking becomes a pleasant afternoon activity. It's when you might consider apres outdoors on the patio, with shades on.

It's when, yes, you feel joy literally pumping through your veins as you realize that you can, in fact, not wear your ski jacket all. day. long.

So What Are You? An Ice Person? A Veritable Icicle?

Didn't think so. What will it be? What brings you the most joy? Is it the mountain biking/skiing combo? The apres on a patio, shades on jacket off? Is it the dancing, the not sleeping? The warm sun beating down as you walk through the village?

Welcome to spring!

Photo: WSSF

Posted by on Monday, March 09, 2015

Photo: WSSF