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Sasquatch is Coming
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Sasquatch is Coming to Whistler — July 30, 2015

The longest zipline in all of Canada and the United States is set to open July 30, 2015. Yes, that is next week.

Zip -summer

Although the official press release isn't lying, it seems to be a little subdued. From what I can tell, this is truly one of the longest ziplines in the world.

The 2 kilometres (7,000 feet) that the Sasquatch spans Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains is only surpassed by two other ziplines in the world, one of which is in Chihuahua, Mexico.

The second longest Zipline in the world is in Italy "Volle dell'Angello" or "Flight of the Angels" which takes you 2213 meters. In the Cusco Valley in Peru, the Eye of the Jaguar takes you 2130 meters, again, just slightly over 2 kilometers. It spans 6,990 feet, or just slightly less than the 7,000 feet the Sasquatch spans.

So, possibly the third longest zipline in the world. But is that the story? The Sasquatch is long, sure. But what's incredible is so much more. You are flying across the same valley that the Peak-2-Peak gondola spans, on a full-on radical (in the best old-school meaning of that word) 7,000 foot long zipline over 600 feet above the number one ski resort in North America. Yeah. That is pretty incredible.

For obvious reasons, this is a summer-only event. This is a thing that you can do from July 30 until summer season is over. This is an experience you can have alone, on this one line, or in combination with the Eagle Tour, for a day-long event you will. never. forget.

Ranked as one of the best things to do in Whistler anyway, now, with the Sasquatch Tour, Ziptrek is honestly a thing you must do in Whistler while you are here. How could you not? 

Sasquatch Whistler

And, you know, we're not promising anything, but it's possible that you may sight a Sasquatch along the way. You never know. Ziplines fly at well over 100 kph, so the Sasquatch might be a blur :) but it'll be a great opportunity to catch sight of this rare creature. 

We hope to see you soon for this epic ride of a lifetime — Or course, we've got a great deal for you that combines all the epic of the Sasquatch with all that you expect from Aava Whistler Hotel. Contact us today to learn more!

Posted by on Tuesday, July 21, 2015