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Enjoy Whistler's 31 Parks This Summer
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Enjoy Whistler's 31 Parks and Beaches This Summer

It's summer and the living is easy in Whistler. Sure, you can go full tilt here, but then there are the days that you remember that Whistler is actually a simply beautiful village. You don't need the hype.

Whistler Lost Lake

Frugal Beach Living in Whistler

You can spend an entire vacation here and enjoy the lakes, the mountains and the entire valley without spending a dime. In fact, if you pack picnic lunches, you can be downright frugal and at the same time have one of the most enjoyable vacations ever.

Take Our Cruisers and Enjoy the Day

The Resort Municipality takes care of 31 parks in Whistler. That's a lot. And these parks are all connected via a 40-kilometre valley trail system. If you take one of our complimentary cruisers with you, you can ride all day long from beach to beach, meandering along the valley trail as you explore Whistler from a new point of view.

"Whistler's community parks offer great outdoor experiences for all ages. Whether enjoying a pleasant stroll along the Valley Trail or a picnic at Rainbow Park, Whistler has something for everyone," said Whistler Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden.

Boating on the Lakes and Rivers

The parks are for day-use, and they're closed in the evening until dawn. Fair enough. Enjoy them during the day and spend time on the water, on the beach, taking full advantage of the relaxation. Many of the lakes offer boat rentals, where you can take a kayak, paddleboard or other craft out for the day.

And, of course, there is the River of Golden Dreams. Take some time floating along this small, lovely river as you explore Whistler. The lakes and rivers of Whistler are quiet. Speeds are slow, and everyone is encouraged to take their time, enjoy the water and be safe. Speed limits are as slow as 10 kilometres and hour on Green Lake, and only 12 kilometres on Alta Lake. Alpha Lake and Nita Lake only allow electric motors. Green Lake has a large population of non-motorized watercraft which have the right-of-way at all times.

Floatplanes on Green Lake

One exciting craft you'll see on Green Lake are the floatplanes. If you are with small children, these are always a hit. But even if you're a jaded, cynical adult, there's something thrilling about seeing planes land and take off on the water. Enjoy the activity on our lakes, whether you're on Green Lake, Alta, Alpha or Nita.

Many of our lakes have sandy beaches. In fact, Lakeside Park, Lost Lake Park, Rainbow Park, and Alpha Lake Park all offer sandy beaches, and the latter three have specially designated areas for dogs. For your convenience, the municipality has installed outdoor showers at Lost Lake, Wayside, Lakeside and Rainbow beaches.

We think it's great sometimes to remember the simple fun Whistler can offer. Grab one of our complimentary Cruisers, pack a picnic lunch, and be off for the day! For an online guide to summer in Whistler's parks, visit whistler.ca/summer101.

Posted by on Thursday, August 06, 2015