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Whistler Village Starry Winter Nights
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Starry Whistler Nights — Sparkly Lights, Sabres & Icy Vodka

Whistler at Night Does Not Disappoint

Whistler under blue bird skies are legendary. Whether spent biking, skiing or touring, you're in Mother Nature's backyard paradise.

Whistler Village At Night

But on a winter's night — inky black skies, stars forever, crisp air reminding you with every breath that you are alive, moonlight making the icy snow covered landscape sparkle in a way that looks like it must be fairy dust — on those nights in Whistler, there's magic afoot. 

Let's explore this fantastical place, shall we? Starting with the Bearfoot Bistro, where you don't go simply to eat food and drink beverages. No. It's an experience. At the Barefoot Bistro, you can dine in their wine cellar, have a champagne-based après ski experience, or go really funky underground with some night time libations you should really come to Whistler to experience.

Now, if you own a sabre and know how to use it, then you'll feel right at home with this first one. You know how much fun it is to try to pop a champagne cork under normal circumstances, right? Either you gently and carefully pry off the cork, slowly releasing the air as you gingerly (but expertly, of course) twist the cork out — or you just point the darn bottle away from your guests and let 'er rip. Right?

Well, at the Barefoot Bistro, they take that second way of uncorking a champagne bottle and, as they say, they turn it up a notch.

Out comes the sabre, and (yes, you read that right...) the lucky patron attempts to uncork the bottle with the blade. If successful, you drink. You really need to click through and read more about this. I find it nearly impossible to believe. 

They've also got a way to really feel the chill winter air. In their Kettle One tasting room, you taste vodka in sub zero temperatures. In fact, it's the world's coldest tasting room, at - 32 celsius. They supply arctic jackets for you and you taste 4 vodkas of your choice, from a selection of 50. 

If you'd like to have a tour guide for your night in Whistler, try out Whistler Bar Hop. This service meets each Friday and Saturday night at the Fireside Lounge at 7:00. For the ticket price, you get the guided tour of hot Whistler night spots, five drink vouchers, entrance to all bars and clubs, plus shared bar snacks. It's one awesome way to meet great people and see a side to Whistler usually only locals see.

There are many more things to do at night in Whistler and though the days are slowly getting longer, we've still got quite a few winter nights to explore. We hope you have a chance to visit soon and see the sparkly night side of Whistler while you're here!

Photo credit: Mike Crane

Posted by on Thursday, January 14, 2016