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Peak to Valley Race Tradition
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Peak to Valley Race — Dave Murray Would be Proud

Peak -to -Valley -Race

Peak to Valley — One of a Kind Whistler Tradition

There is literally nothing like it in the entire world.

And that makes the Peak to Valley race a decades-old Whistler tradition that everyone loves to love. This race, that is all about collaboration, life long skiing, good fun and hard competition, honours the spirit of Dave Murray, the Whistler legend for whom the Dave Murray Downhill is named.

Dave Murray 

Dave Murray, part of the Canadian alpine ski racers called the Crazy Canucks for their reckless ski style, started the most famous race training school in the world at Whistler. The Dave Murray Ski School drew international attention, and the course, the Dave Murray Downhill, became the host for the World Cup and later the Olympics.

Dave Murray sadly died of skin cancer at age 37, when his daughter was only 22 months old. She recently competed on the Canadian Ski Cross team in the 2010 winter Olympics in Whistler, and even more recently competed in the Peak to Valley race. In the video below, you can hear her thoughts on the race.

The Race

The race itself is memorable. People from 19 years old (the minimum age allowed) to over 88 years old compete in teams of 4 down 1400 vertical feet. Five and a half kilometres and 160 GS gates mean that everyone wonders about 3/4 of the way down why in the heck they signed up for this race. But the smiles and laughs at the bottom remind them that it is all for the love of the sport. Some race fast, finishing in 6 minutes. Others finish slower, 8 minutes or more, hoping more for the reward of having done the race at all than for an excellent time.

It's a fun race, but there's that spirit of competition working through it that keeps everyone focused on the prize, bearing the cold and the burning legs as they make one more GS turn at kilometre 4.5, with only one more to go.

This event sells out each year, but watching it from the sidelines is always fun, too!

Get out and enjoy the festivities tomorrow if you can.

Posted by on Thursday, February 18, 2016