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Whistler Insider Secret: March
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Whistler Insider Secret: March

Tourism Whistler has a great blog curated and managed by Feet Banks. It is called "The Whistler Insider" and you should bookmark it and read it regularly if you want to learn all the local secrets and haunts that make Whistler a really stellar place to experience.

Spring -Snowboarding -Blackcomb -compressor

One huge secret that we really want to help spread far and wide is that the best snow happens before March. The truth is, March in Whistler is a perfect combination of a warm sunny Village and tons of new powder. Goggle tans, tee shirt skiing and a nice cold beverage on a patio are all part of March culture in Whistler.

We understand, though. Come March, many people on the coast are noticing little bulbs coming up in their gardens, the warmth of the sun on their faces, and the general springiness of the vibe. Not so much cold and snow.

Plenty of Powder

We'll say it again: in Whistler, many of those springy things apply, but with an epic twist: There is historically a ton of powder in March.

Like, a ton. Okay, not a literal ton. But literally, historically, over 6 feet of pow.

In the 2011/12 ski season, March brought over 13 feet of fresh snow to the mountains. The average is closer to 6 feet, but that average is often either the second or highest snowfall of the season.

Warm Sunny Days

The other side to this is that, typically, March is quite a bit warmer in the Village than the rest of the season. The average temperature is 8 celsius or 47 fahrenheit.  

The Village is sunny and warm, people are out on patios having a good time, and the height, the pinnacle is the perfect goggle tan paired with skiing in your tee-shirt. All possible in March. 

Spring also means longer days. For those of us who endure the long Canadian winters, spring brings an extra joy: suddenly when you finish your day on the hill you can enjoy your après in the afterglow of the long afternoon sun. Lovely.

Smiles for Miles

That combination of sun plus snow just puts huge grins on the faces of everyone here. Not that we're ever unhappy in winter. Whistler may be a four season resort, but we've got some of the best snow anywhere and we know what to do with it.

Put that combination of perfect snow, steep verticals and a resort that knows how to manage it all together and you've got a lot of very happy people all season long.

Add to that another 6 feet of the powdery goodness and a huge dose of sun and, well, we start smiling so much that you might just wonder what's going on.

Try it out this March and see what's making us all so darn happy all the time. It's the simple things in life, you know? 

Looking for Tips on Making Spring Skiing Great?

Look no further than Whistler Insiders again. Feet Banks offers great insight into the hows and whys of good, solid spring skiing in Whistler including hitting the north facing slopes in the morning and, when the sun is out, the east and south facing slopes.

Lots of tips from the pros as well, mostly coming in the form of noticing that with spring comes extra confidence, better muscle tone, and all round better vibes.

In any case, it's worth noting that spring can be the best time to visit us. 

Photo Credit: Mike Crane

Posted by on Thursday, March 03, 2016