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GoFest 2016
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Whistler GO Fest — Get Outdoors Now!

Cycling Whistler Justa Jeskova

Whistler's GO Fest is coming soon — it's time to get outdoors and get in shape for all the great summer competitions coming up.

Or, if it's more your style, it's time to don some sunglasses and a pair of flip flops and take a walk along the valley trail. 

In any case, we've got your back.

Ready, Set, GO!

SUP Green Lake Mike Crane

The entire village, including all of us at the Aava, are ready to switch gears and get our warm weather activities going on.

Whether it's the Toonie Races (pictured above) or a quiet SUP experience on Green Lake, Whistler is waking up to the summer season.

And with the upcoming Go Fest scheduled for May 20th to 23rd, it's time to really step up your game and get ready for summer.

Whatever that means for you.

GO Fest Year 3: Expanded Offerings

This is year three of the Resort Municipality's GO Fest and we've noticed an increase in the offerings this year. Not only great outdoor competitions and workshops, but art, culture, and free music concerts as well. There are chances to participate in anything and everything you associate with summer outdoors in Whistler.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Ping Pong
  • Alpine Dog Training
  • "Wine About Art" 
  • GOFest 2016 Digital Meetup
  • Tree Top Adventure Race

Honestly, can you get more diverse than that? Pick your pleasure. And that's just the start. Take a look at the entire schedule over four days to get an idea of what you'll be participating in (you are going to be there, aren't you?) 

Transitioning to Summer, Whistler-Style

Creating a four-day event to help us transition from winter to summer is something only the number one resort in North America can do this well. Pulling out all the stops, rallying the entire community and making sure that the entire thing is accessible and fun for everyone is just the start.

The workshops are going to challenge and inspire you, the competitions are going to get you moving and put a fire in your belly. The arts and crafts for the kids will make you smile. 

Each day, gather at the Base Camp at Mountain Square to get your bearings and plan your day. This festival celebrates all the we love about Whistler — heart, soul and body.

Get out and get moving!

Photo Credit: Justa Jeskova (cyclists) Mike Crane (SUP Green Lake)

Posted by on Thursday, May 12, 2016