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Whistler Bike Park 101
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

Whistler Bike Park 101 — How to Rock and Roll Creekside This Summer

That "Stats and Facts" say it all. Trail Breakdown: 100% Advanced. Five Trails. Question is, are you ready for Creekside this summer?

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From June 18 until September 18th, the Creekside access to the Whistler Bike Park is open for business.

Since these trails are for advanced and expert riders only, you get shorter lines, less crowded conditions and more chances to be your true to form, freewheeling self. Assuming, that is, that you make the grade and can ride like a maniac with total control and finesse even on the gnarliest terrain.

Of course you can. And you'll hopefully have started your weekend off right by booking your stay with us here at the Aava, so you'll be taking advantage of the complimentary GoPros we love for you to use during your stay. That way, you have evidence of all that transpired while you were out there. And of course, coming back and showing us your footage isn't required, but it is certainly recommended.

Are You an Advanced/Expert Rider?

In all seriousness, do you know if you are an advanced or expert rider? Have you got questions about whether your skill level is where it needs to be to access Creekside?

It can be a little intimidating, for sure. Fortunately, there are clear guidelines to help you decide whether you have been riding long enough and hard enough to challenge Dusty's Downhill.

According to the Whistler Bike Park Ability Level Guide, to ride advanced trails, you should be very comfortable on all blue technical and flowing trails with jumps and drops. You've spent time on Black technical trails and flowing trails with jumps and drops and are looking to improve your technique.

A great option if you're not sure is to grab a lesson. There are several options here: private lessons, elevation camps, men's nights and women's nights.

You definitely should have jumping and dropping experience before you attempt Creekside. Beyond that, make sure you're comfortable at higher speeds and on steeper and rougher terrain.

If that sounds like you, give it a go.

If not, proceed with caution and get yourself a few lessons before you attempt Creekside. You may not be there today, but if you start with lessons soon, you'll be on the advanced and expert trails in no time.

Need Any More Clues About Whether Creekside is Right For You?

Check out this video to see if you think Creekside is where you need to be this summer:

Posted by on Friday, June 24, 2016