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WSSF 2017 Events
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Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler

72HR Filmmaker Showdown & More WSSF Events

The free concerts aren’t the only great part about WSSF in Whistler. There’s a bunch of fun events coming to the village this April 7 -16, 2017. From comedy shows to art exhibitions, there’s something for everybody to do at the World Ski & Snowboard Festival! Take a look at the full schedule at WSSF.com !

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Olympus 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown

The 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown returns to Whistler this year during the 2017 World Ski & Snowboard Festival. Relying on the skills in your pocket, filmmakers must shoot and produce a 3-5 minute short film over the course of 72 hours. Oh, and you can’t leave a 100km radius of Whistler. This is the ultimate test of ingenuity, creativity, speed, and endurance when it comes to filmmaking.

Thinking about entering the showdown? Take a look at some of the participants and winners from previous years. Got a feel for what you’re up against? Head over to WSSF for more information about how to get involved now!

Olympus 2nd Cuts Filmmaker Screening

Unlike The 72 hour Showdown, The 2nd Cuts Filmmaker Screening will be a screening of all of the completed films of 2017 with the winners and finalists will be shown near the end of the screening.

This is the ultimate voyeuristic experience for movie-lovers, filmmakers, and anybody who has an interest in Whistler’s film community. This is an event you won’t want to miss out on. Invite your friends, family, and rivals because it’s a great experience for all. 

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wssf roller derby

Roller Derby

Back for the fifth time in a row is Scar Wars, an invitational roller derby bout taking place on April 8th at the Whistler Conference Centre. Scar Wars is the first invitation roller derby at WSSF to host both a women’s and a men’s bout. Come out and cheer on these guys and gals as they give it their all.

Need tickets for Scar Wars? Get them on the World Ski & Snowboard Festival website . Admission is $15, or you can get ringside seats for $25 – if you’re 19+. The annual bout is a fundraiser for the Sea to Sky roller derby teams, helping them fund team travel, training and gear.

For more information visit WSSF.com

 wssf art performer

State Of The ART

This pop-up exhibition is up at the Whistler Conference Centre most of the festival week. Come take a look at local and international arts who we’re invited to create the State Of The ART. This exhibition is about celebrating sub-cultures and anti-movements. Experience the community made by the invited artists at noon - 6pm from April 8th - 14th.

Learn more about State Of The ART.

Photo Credit: Mike Crane

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