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Pemberton Music Fest 2017 Hints
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Pemberton Festival 2017 Lineup Update: Hints Solved! CANCELLED


The Pemberton Music Festival has been teasing people recently by holding on to the artist schedule as they put the finishing touches on it. The festival is set to take place from July 13th - 16th, 2017 in the small town of Pemberton, BC.

Waiting for anything can get tiresome, that’s why Pemberton Festival has decided to try to calm the masses by releasing a few hints about the upcoming lineup.

So far, only two hints have been posted to the festival’s facebook page, and it looks like until now they’ve been unanswered! That’s why I decided to do a little detective work and try to figure them out. 

And you know what? I think I may have cracked the case, but you can be the judge of that!

Pemby Fest Line Up Hint One

Pemby Fest FB hint 1

The first hint seems pretty general. There’s a lot of directions you can take on Vancouver beating LA in soccer. It could be a band from British Columbia that’s now a big act in America, or maybe the score of the game has something to do with it! It really could be anybody.

So I’m not claiming to be a riddle genius here, I’m just pretty good with an internet connection.

You’ll be surprised what you can find in the comment sections sometimes. It can take a little wading through the swamp to get to the gold but don’t worry, I did that for you this time.

Oh, look what I found! A weirdly worded reply from Pemberton Fest to a comment about the lack of hint quality.

Pemby Fest FB comment 1

So, if you’re trying to figure out or solve anything these days, what do you do? Google it, obviously. A simple internet search of “all your love is worth the chase” shows only one result a Major Lazer ft Ariana Grande song called All My Love.

Now, let’s do some cross reference with the original hint about Major League Soccer and what do we have get? A lot of 'Major'! Coincidence, maybe, but I’d say Major Lazer is a pretty good guess. 

Pemby Fest Line Up Hint Two

Pemby Fest FB hint 2

Another pretty general hint, this post shows a GIF of a black and white movie with a woman painting hearts on a building and then a man kissing her. This one is even less helpful! Could it be KISS? Gene has been known to visit Whistler and Pemberton when he’s looking for a vacation, so maybe..

This one actually seemed like it was going to be a much harder hint to solve but in hindsight it’s pretty obvious. Another deep dive into the facebook comment section reveals a similar cryptic response from Pemby Fest:

Pemby Fest FB comment 2

You know the drill people, quick Google search and what do we find? It’s a Ben Harper song called Walk Away!

Suddenly, that GIF of a man stealing kisses makes much more sense doesn’t it?

We obviously can’t be 100% sure until the final lineup gets released, hopefully later this month, but it's always fun to guess.

What do you expect for the Pemberton Festival 2017 lineup?

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Posted by on Thursday, April 13, 2017